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Why Work for Us? Here’s Why!

Welcome and warmly greet guests on arrival. Manage the efficient and timely seating of our guests to a table that best serves their wishes.  Answer telephone and make reservations for guests.  Assist servers as time allows

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Inspect reservations and table section assignments for the evening

  • Be sure music is on, lights are on and dimmed

  • Check that tables tents are positioned correctly, clean and up to date.

  • Warmly and graciously greet all guests upon arrival.

  • When immediate seating is limited, record guest names and number of people in party. 

  • Provide guests with estimated waiting time

  • Call out name and number of party when tables become available.

  • Accommodate special seating requests for guests whenever possible. 

  • Seat guests based on guest preferences and balancing of customer flow in service stations.

  • Communicate table assignments to servers.

  • Manage server’s business volumes

  • Inspect table for proper presentation and completeness prior to seating guests.  

  • Upon seating, offer guests a dinner and specials menu and drink list and inform them of their server’s name. 

  • Direct busers as to which tables are of priority for next seating

  • Relay messages to servers and bus persons as needed.

  • Relay messages and business volume to the back of the house.

  • Answer telephone

  • Make reservations over the phone and for in-house guests.

  • Keep menus clean and organized

  • Thank guests as they leave and invite them to return.

  • Keep restaurant entrance and host stand clean and organized

  • Assist servers: Water tables, bus tables, deliver food and drink

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